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Jah Division - Cubana - Jah-Divizion Jah Division - Cubana

Jah-Divizion — Jah Division - Cubana

Cuba, Cuba, Cubana, Legalize Marijuana!

It is sad to me for Cuba - Fidel old with a gray beard,

Sunny socialism - the ghost of childhood, the ghost of childhood.

I would like to become a heavenly president of Cuba

That would be my mother was delighted, and mother - is the saint!

Cuba - the capital of the West Indies, still buried for all,

Near Jamaica, near dancing reggae...

The same climate - marijuana - is the land of Rastaman

The ship ran full sail, in a supernatural way to Heaven.
Comments (1)
YYYEEEAA legalize this goddes herb. Pure medicine!!
13 Jan 2013 08:22 am